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My Mission

What is Yoga?

Traditionally, yoga means "to yolk" or "union," but what does this mean in a practical sense? It is my mission to guide yoga classes that answer this question, with classes that empower you to find ease of motion and awareness in your body. Yoga classes that give you a sense of peace and well-being in the mind. Yoga classes that allow you to walk the line between breath, body, and soul; giving you the tools to find your own expression of union and integration. 

It is my belief that every human being has the tools to their own health and happiness at all times. Those tools can be easy to forget, especially if we allow ourselves to be distracted by the many stimulants in our world. To me, yoga is a practice of remembering, of returning, to coming back to the truth deep within us all. 


The most important part of any yoga practice is consistency. I aim to offer a variety of classes suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced students. I aim to empower all people no matter of their size, beliefs, or abilities. I aim to create a space that can be revisited consistently, a practice that can be maintained and applied for a lifetime of health. 

Gentle Flow Yoga
at Heartspace Albany
Flow and Surrender
at Elevate518
All-Levels Power Flow
at Lark Street Yoga
Gentle with Yoga Nidra
at Lark Street Yoga
Flow and Surrender
at Elevate518



Power Flow

at Good Karma Studio



Gentle Flow Yoga

at Heartspace Albany


Power Yoga Flow

at Heartspace Albany

Vinyasa Flow
at Lark Street Yoga
Gentle Yoga
at Lark Street Yoga

Joyful Offerings

Asana Practice and Yoga Nidra

Hatha Vinyasa, Gentle, and All-level classes for all skill levels and bodies.

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Private Instruction

Personalized guidance tailored to the needs of the individual, small, group or school/work party. 

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Wellness Retreats and Events

Local excursions designed to renew and refresh.

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