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Asana Classes and Yoga Nidra

A variety of classes  
for every body
and every soul

Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels) - This class builds on the basic principles of most beginning yoga classes (downward facing dog, plank, mountain pose, and table top position) and weaves them into creative, breath-focused sequences designed to build strength and create stability in the body. After mindfully warming up the body, we will build heat and get moving! This class will leave you feeling invigorated and challenged, with a juicy cool down that will send you blissfully into your evening.


Slow Flow(Beginner/Level 1) - This class is perfect for the beginner yogi who is looking to grow and improve their practice. Moving through simple sequences with detailed instruction, this class will empower you to connect the dots of your yoga. Uniting breath and body, you will learn the basics and slowly build heat to break through to your higher self.


All-Levels Power Flow (Intermediate/Level 2) - This is a strong class that is designed to move your body and your soul. It is suitable for all practitioners, and each student is empowered to modify for their skill level. Mindful of the importance of transitions, we will move from pose to pose with a focus on connecting the breath to the movement. Be prepared to build heat, get a little sweaty, connect to your breath, and leave feeling energized. 


Power Flow (Vigorous/Level 2/3) - This class combines a strong flow while tapping into more advanced postures. The focus of this class is to deeply feel the breath, and allow that breath to guide you as we build strength and journey towards more challenging asana. Be prepared to build a lot of heat and get sweaty!

Yoga Nidra (All Levels) - This guided meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have in the yoga system. From a laying position, students are walked through the gross elements of their body to the subtle elements of their body-allowing for deep restoration and healing.

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